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  • Beware of Work-at-Home Scams and Reshipping Fraud!

Beware of Work-at-Home Scams and Reshipping Fraud! Postal Inspectors warn of criminals who post work-at home job opportunities on Internet career websites. Your duties may include receiving packages and mailing them to a foreign address. Once you accept the job, you may receive packages containing:

a. Merchandise that was purchased using stolen credit cards -- you become an inadvertent accomplice to smuggling the goods out of the country.

b. Counterfeit postal money orders-- the scammer will use you to help distribute them to other scammers.

When you finally receive payment, be warned because the check or postal money order you receive is counterfeit.
Before you deposit any money orders or checks, be sure that it is genuine. If you end up trying to deposit a counterfeit check, you may be liable for the full face amount you deposited.

To view the full news release from Postal Inspectors, click here:

ref no:10802

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