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  • Simple Reminders When Mailing A Irregularly Shaped Items for Shipping

Simple Reminders When Mailing A Irregularly Shaped Items for Shipping Packaging Irregularly Shaped Items for Shipping

Irregularly shaped items need a bit more attention and care when packing. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Check with your shipping carrier about packaging requirements, especially extra handling charges for irregularly shaped items.

2. If you are shipping rolled up items like posters or fabric, pack it inside corrugated boxes to prevent damage. Be sure to place duplicate labels on the top layer.

3. When shipping metals, cover/ tape any sharp edges with corrugated cardboard pieces. When labeling, tape the address label flat against the item. Avoid using tags with string as that might get torn or lost
in transport.

4. Again, remember to properly label and address your package. Double check the delivery address and include a return address. If you are re-using a box, be sure to cover up any old labels with a thick marker.

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